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Casa Berti extra virgin olive oil

We maintain an olive grove of around 900 trees of three types which produces the finest quality Lucchese extravirgin olive oil. Each November family and friends gather to harvest and press the olives and bottle the oil. A limited quantity is available to buy.

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Acqua minerale

a mountain spring on our land provides mineral-rich fresh drinking water all year round.

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Vino da Tavola

A tradition at Casa Berti is that each year we visit the best local vineyards, some of which can be seen stretching down the valley from our terrace. Our friends and neighbours allow us to choose some of their best wine and bottle it so that our friends and family can enjoy it, too.

limoncello tuscany


Our lemon trees are nurtured all year round by Margherita, the housekeeper at Casa Berti. When the fruit is ripe the kitchen is filled with the citrus smell as she steeps the peel in alcohol for several weeks in order to make a rich, full bodied after dinner liquor to be enjoyed by friends and family.

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